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Tafsir – Tafsir ibn Kathir online

Online Tafsir - Ibn KAthir

Online Tafsir - Ibn KAthir

Tafsir Online is an online project and effort made by individuals to preserve the online version of the Abridged Tafsir of Imam Ibn Kathir (rahimahullah). The site is developed with an intention of educational purpose only.

As-sabereen Islamic Center

Islamic Center Masjid As-Sabereen is one of the first Islamic centers in greater Harrisburg PA, Was established in 1993.
In 1993 when a number of Harrisburg area Muslims took the opportunity to rent a spacious building on the City’s south side, the idea of establishing a local Islamic Center was formed.
Islamic Center Masjid-As-Sabereen was established to conduct Islamic activities in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Currently the center provides the following services to the local community

  • Islamic Center conducts daily prayers
  • The Islamic center will be open daily for the five daily prayers.
  • Friday Salat-ul-Jummah -12:15 pm
  • Dawa for Muslims and non-Muslims

Valley Lodge

Your “Home Suite Home” when you are on the road
Located in the beautiful central Pennsylvania, Heart of Susquehanna Valley, on Golden Strip, Business Rts 11 & 15, surrounded by Restaurants, Super Markets, Major Department Stores, Susquehanna Valley Mall etc.
Just 50 miles North of Harrisburg (PA State Capital), half hour off I-80, one hour off I-81 & I-78, 3-4 hours from New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Little Country Side, this small Motel is the ideal spot for travelers and vacationers to grab a well deserved night of sleep, a few days in the relaxing Susquehanna River Valley.
Whether you are interested in quiet weekend for two, a family get away, or a spot for your next business conference, the VALLEY LODGE will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Al-Huda Pa

Al- Huda School PA

Al-Huda School PA

Al-Huda PA (Branch of Al-Huda, College Park, MD ) is committed in establishing a Fulltime Islamic School in the vicinity of Harrisburg , PA.
Sharing the message of Islam through sincere action, by developing a model Islamic School based upon and adhering to the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Such a living, dynamic and vibrant Islamic School can help the Muslim community and act as a mode to call the people To Islam by example and not merely through word alone, with the help and permission of Allah.

IC Truth!

I See the Truth

IC Truth

IC Truth! is intent to bring the truth up front which is the Deenul Islam (The religion of submitting to the God the Almighty the Majestic) so that any one who seek the truth will benefit Insha Allah (with the will of the God the Almighty the Majestic)., is dedicated to serving Islam on the Internet and currently provides Islamic literature, Islamic Links on Quran, Hadeeth and other literature.

University Shuttle

University Shuttle

University Shuttle

University Shuttleservice will take you from your office or home in Boston to Logan airport for $15.00 a person, $5.00 each additional passenger.

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